The Summervolley was founded in 1997 by an idea of Ivano Marenco, perhaps even by his little dream come true and that is to build a youth tournament involving teams as far as possible between them to allow its young athletes to meet different situations. .. the idea of the couple as a result of its participation to the athlete by the International Championship at Assen in Holland. At the time were not many tournaments that lasted more than a day and the organization (without internet) involved a huge amount of work the past to find the phone contacts, so the Summervolley part with 12 teams mainly from northern Italy, to play in two gymnasiums for 2 days. Even then the idea was born to make the tournament even a moment of pure fun, so do not forget the technical care and sports, small steps are added contour, as the final speaker, the music in all the gyms etc.. . small details that are popular today but also in youth leagues, at the time of the first editions were not common. From there, the event begins to grow, are increasingly involved reality and from year to year are additional details. The team is expanding and the leadership of that time as well as Ivano and his family the President Silvano, mommy Rita, and Lo, the Cali, Brunella, Pippo, Rita add Mari, Scaglio, Chiara, Simon, and from year to year new friends, as Degud, the "mayor" Sergio, Markino, Danilo Elena and the DJ, the arbitrators of the Alexandrian Fipav for which now the Summer has become a "must" ... Great place in 2003 when the team was contacted by an Austrian company that leads in a group of teams from the USA. The summer becomes a 3-day tournament and becomes more and more "event", arrive to the "Opening Ceremony", the final show, etc. .. lievita the contour and the number of teams rising from 42 to 68 also incorporating more youth categories.
Meanwhile, on his passing camps for players and players to become famous as Veronica Angeloni in 2000 won the prize as the best attack with Carrarese ...
So the summer school and becomes the model of other events while the team is to be done every year to renew, amaze, entertain and celebrate the youth volleyball.
In recent editions the summer took 8 months of work and involved a team of volunteers who exceed 50 units in the field to bring in the latest edition well .... 102 teams!
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